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Has anyone had the pleasure of doing this? I just finished my first and I'll tell you, it ain't much fun. Some of the backing remains on the floor, so you have to scrap it up, leaving the particles everywhere and stuck yet again to the adhesive. Try and sweep it becomes useless. I ended up having to scrap the complete floor again, keeping the pile ahead of me which is a royal PITA. I'm hoping someone here has a better approach to this chore to enlighten me for the next one. Never did like this stuff.
Category: Flooring Post By: ROBERT WILLIAMS (Elgin, IL), 03/11/2019

I always tearup as much as possible and clean it the best I can and then give it a coat of Ardex feather finish, clean it some more and finish coat with some more feather finish. Even if the vinyl peels up clean you still have to top coat it and prepare the floor for new covering. It is the future we have to live with it.

- RUSSELL CRUZ (Yorba Linda, CA), 04/28/2019

Well, I can tell you one thing, my charges will change on the next go-round. When I looked at the job for getting them a price, I pulled up maybe 8-10 sq. ft. of the vinyl and it came up fairly easy so I priced it accordingly. That was the only place in the kitchen that came up that easy. I've never seen the advantage of this stuff to begin with and hope it's a passing thing like so many other hair brain ideas they've come up with. But then......that's just one guys opinion.

- Timothy Gob (Lehigh, PA), 05/01/2019

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